How to Give Control and Keep Control of Choices for Your Students with ODD!

How to Give Control and Keep Control of Choices for Your Students with ODD!

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Do you have a student who is so oppositional that he/she won’t accept any choice you suggest? That’s typical of a student with ODD. Control is what this student is after so how do you give a child control over a choice yet maintain some control yourself?

It’s called “weighted choices”. Take a look at this week’s video!

You can say things like, would you like to take your medicine in pudding or ice cream or would you like to play with the red ball or the blue ball. In either choice you have control over what is offered and the child gets the final say over what is chosen. Pretty simple and cool!

Speaking of children who have ODD……My friend and colleague, Kristie Brown Lofland and I are just about ready to launch our class on Oppositional Defiant Disorder on Udemy!!! 

Our class contains not only information on key elements and characteristics of ODD, but participants will learn how environment, genetics and psychological factors contribute. If you are looking for 12 classroom strategies, 19 behavior strategies, what ODD looks like for a variety of age groups, how it compares to ADHD and Conduct Disorder then you will LOVE our new class!!!

You will see video demonstrations of strategies and receive over a dozen of already made for you visual tools and handouts designed to make your interactions easier and more successful with the student who has ODD.

Can’t wait to officially announce the launch! Soon! Soon! I hope you join us!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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