How to Get Your Student to Produce the Perfect /r/ in 5 Seconds!

How to Get Your Student to Produce the Perfect /r/ in 5 Seconds!


If you didn’t already know, I worked for several years as an SLP. During that time, I saw my share of students with articulation errors. I’ve also done my share of strategies to help students correct these errors just like all of my fellow SLPs.

Some sounds are an easy fix and others linger in the world of misarticulation for years. One of the biggest pains for all of the speechies in the world is that /r/ sound. There are countless strategies to get students to produce this stinker of a sound the right way, so you can imagine when I saw this strategy I’m about to share with you….well it made me say to myself, “Where was this when I was practicing articulation therapy?”

This simple technique rocked me back in my seat. Can’t wait to hear your response!

Take a look for yourself. You can thank me later J

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Let me know how you like this week’s /r/ strategy! Leave me a comment. I can’t wait to hear!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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