How To Get Continuing Education Hours for FREE!

How To Get Continuing Education Hours for FREE!

Now that teachers are allowed to renew their teaching licenses using continuing education hours, it’s nice when we find a free option. Sometimes it can be challenging to get 90 hours of continuing education hours in 5 years, depending upon how much your school corporation allows you to get released from the classroom.

Likewise, if you are a parent or small business owner or even a student looking for more information on a particular topic, it is so very nice to find an option to make this happen.

I have taken advantage of several webinars through the website that I am highlighting today and have learned something valuable from each and every one.

Take a look!

Once you sign in to the webinar, you have the option of making comments and asking questions. Other’s who are attending can see your comments and questions. I have gotten information and shared information during these webinars with people all over the world.

I love the fact that I can listen at my convenience and that I can print out a copy of the power point as well. There is such a huge range of topics, some that don’t apply to me, yet many, many topics that I want to know more about or want to see what strategies, materials, apps and other resources people are using in different parts of the country.

I encourage you to try one and see what you think! Leave a comment below and happy webinaring!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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