How to Get 80 Free Materials In One Day for Your Children With Special Needs!

How to Get 80 Free Materials In One Day for Your Children With Special Needs!

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A teacher without materials is like a carpenter without tools. One of the most frustrating things for me as a classroom coach, is to try and work with a teacher who is new, doesn’t have many of his/her own materials that were accumulated over time and is assigned to a classroom where they are severely limited in things students need to help them learn.

Do you have that problem?

What are the students going to do when they are expected to work by themselves? What are you going to do without materials to support your teaching???


Whenever my husband, Jerry, tries to suggest that we “get rid of” my treasure trove of materials that I’ve saved from our kids toy chests and bookshelves, I wince and say, “NOOOOOOOO, I need all of that STUFF”. The thing is, he knows I use it. He sees me walking out the door carrying bags filled with toy cars, dolls, books, Disney characters, Ninja Turtles, etc. He knows better. He can’t deny the obvious. He’ll try again, I am sure, but the answer will be the same. I gotta have my things and lots of them!:-) Sorry sweetheart!

I use my materials to teach concepts, to reinforce, to encourage communication, to generate a smile, to get compliance and to teach the joy of literature. My things help me make magic happen so I need them.

If your closets in the classroom are a little too bare, or if your students are bored stiff with the things you do have, then you need to watch this week’s video!

Some other resources for you to check out are:

May a team of elves arrive at your doorstep and spin gold for you!!!!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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