How The Freshman Project Can Help College Bound Students with Special Needs!

How The Freshman Project Can Help College Bound Students with Special Needs!


We don’t often have the opportunity to hear about or discuss the challenges that face our young adult children with special needs who have been successful in their educational path to college.   You know there is a hidden curriculum when it comes to navigating social situations that include figuring out what is and is not expected and what is and is not acceptable in the classroom/school setting. If this is true for students in k-12 then it is safe to assume the same is true for the college experience.

You and I learned many things on our journey through college. It’s not just about going to class, but you need to understand how to navigate many other frontiers. How to handle roommate issues, how to choose a major, what to consider about sorority/fraternity life, how to navigate love and sex, how do you survive failure etc, etc, etc.

Many of these things just are not typically discussed in the home, yet the freshman college student faces many if not all of these issues with little or no guidance.

Today I’m interviewing a very dear friend of mine, Erin Fischer. She is an accomplished professional speaker and business owner with a tremendous amount of insight in to what tools today’s college freshman needs to know.

Take a look!

You can find Erin’s book, The Freshman Project at or you can find it in Amazon books @

Let me know if this helps you and your college student!!! I’d love to hear

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