How Does Your Child With Autism Respond To Social Comments?

How Does Your Child With Autism Respond To Social Comments?

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What is a Quick Social Response? This is what I call the skill that our kids need when someone makes a comment during social interactions. Too often our kids with poor social skills don’t know what to say or don’t know that a response is expected, so they just stare at you or turn away without any kind of response at all.

Does your child/student know that if someone says, “Guess what?” that an appropriate response is “What?” or if someone says, “I’m going to bed” that an appropriate response is “Good night”?

I’m back from Seattle with some video clips with my nephew, Noah. I wanted to see what he would do if I presented him with several common social comments. It was fun to see how well he responded!! I did learn, however, that his processing time was uncommonly long. This tells me that although he knew what an appropriate response should be, it wasn’t automatic.

One way to help responses become automatic is to not only practice these Quick Social Responses individually, but to then incorporate them into contextual conversations via a script. The more practice with responses your child can get, the more comfortable he/she will be.

I’ve done these Quick Social Responses with a group of third grade boys who have Asperger Syndrome and they LOVED them! They were so excited to know how to respond, in fact. one boy said to me, “Now I know what to say!”

Take a look at how Noah responds to my comments and see for yourself how he does!

Our next goal with Noah is to help him learn to respond in a more timely manner. I have no doubt that when he memorizes these common responses, he will not have to spend so much time trying to consider an appropriate answer.

Next week, you’ll see another clip with Noah, and this time I’ve giving him a lesson in idioms. You’re gonna love Noah’s “take” on idioms and you’ll get a taste of his sense of humor that delights me every time we are together.

Seattle was amazing and beautiful, but I’m happy to be home! Until next week, take care!!


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