How Can We Make Transitions Back to School Easier for Children With Special Needs?

How Can We Make Transitions Back to School Easier for Children With Special Needs?

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There are so many transitions that our children have to do and it’s hard!!!

Transition back to school:

  • from dad’s house
  • from mom’s house
  • after a week-end at home
  • after a one or two week holiday break
  • after a snow day
  • after a whole summer off

We all know what kind of day we may have when these events occur!!! 

Either you are at home trying to get your child out the door and dreading that phone call from school, or you are at school walking on eggshells as your students get off the bus, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

I’m a proactive kind of girl, so instead of wishin’ and hopin’ I’m suggesting that you start preparin’ and doin’!!!

I’ve got a low tech and a high tech option for you!!!

Take a look at my video for a couple of great solutions to the transition challenge!

Teachers, you can help your parents by working as a team to prepare these books for your students!

Parents, you know what transitions haunt you so start making those books for each situation that you face.

The whole family can take part in this project!!!  It involves everyone, so what fun this can be to have everyone participating in gathering/taking the pictures to go into the transition books!!!

Your child with special needs thrives on visual supports.  Stop the verbal and go visual here!

The more behaviors you have the more structure you need.  Structure includes visual supports.

What better visual supports than a transition book that helps your child to understand what is coming and what is expected.

Anxiety will go down for both for you and the child you love!!!

Please share with me your stories of transition successes!  I can’t wait to hear!!!

Happy transitioning!!

See you next time!


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