How Can Drawing a House Support Writing Instruction?

How Can Drawing a House Support Writing Instruction?

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Our kids need all the help they can get when it comes to learning to write! I’m not talking about writing content, I’m referring to teaching the formation of letters.

Sometimes our students have trouble just getting a letter on paper that actually looks like a letter. It’s not easy to know where to put that “tail” for the /g/, /j/, /p/, /q/, and /y/ is it? Likewise trying to figure out just how tall a capital letter is supposed to be can be a mystery.

I’ve learned an intriguing visual support from my Orten-Gillingham reading decoding training that is so simple yet effective in teaching the proper strokes for letter formation and you do it by drawing a house!!! 

Take a look!

Once your kids get this down on paper, they can get some more practice with tons of apps that help with letter formation as well.

Here are some of my favorites!

  1. BT Handwriting by Henry Palma
  1. Alphabet Tracing by Oncilla Technologies, Inc
  1. iWriteWords lite by gdiplus
  1. Write My Name by NCSOFT
  1. Writing Magic Letters by Unit11
  1. ABC Writing Zoo Animals Game Free by Hien TonABC Pring BIG TRACE by Hien Ton
  1. Ace Wrter-Cursive Alphabet Free by Hien Ton
  1. Use Your Handwriting by Gee Whiz Stuff
  1. Cursive Practice by Brainstop
  1. Cursive Writing by Horizon Business, Inc.

Enjoy the visual support and practice apps!!! Summer is a great time to practice some handwriting!!!

Make is fun and easy!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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