Hit A Button, Have A Conversation

Hit A Button, Have A Conversation

If you have a non-verbal student with limited physical abilities, yet he/she can activate a voice output device (VOD), then don’t limit that student to a life of one word or single phrase responses! For these students, I am in love with the voice output device from Able Net called the Step x Step. It is a simple device that looks like a very large button. It’s easy to program several responses that enables students to participate in many things. I used a Step x Step with one of my students which made it possible for her to “help” me read a story. I would read a page and then she would read a page. This device also made it possible for this student to have a conversation with her parents about her day. I programmed a one sided conversation that would be simple to respond. This device gave my student a voice.

I used a Step x Step with a 20 year old student who was on homebound services. I programmed it and instructed her mother to place the device in her daughter’s bed. The following morning, mom was moved to tears as she heard a voice coming from her daughter’s room for the first time ever. The device was programmed to say: “Hey mom!” “Good Morning!” “I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get up now” “Hey, can we have coffee together?”

I’ve made a list of things you can program and do with a Step x Step voice output device and you can find the free download on our Resource page.

Guess what? If you’ve got two non-verbal students and two Step x Step devices….they can have a conversation!

Communicate away!


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