Have You Seen These Itty Bitty Libraries?

Have You Seen These Itty Bitty Libraries?


Children’s literature is one of my favorite things. The richness of the words on the page, the creative illustrations, the joy that reading and being read to for a child is priceless. Children who are exposed to books early tend to be much more ready for school than children who grow up in homes without books. As you know!

I’ve made home visits to families where there is not a book in site. Always a TV, often video games, but very little if any books.   What is the solution to this huge deficit to our families who can’t afford books in the home or who don’t have easy access to books near their home?

Today you’ll meet Esther Mead, someone who is taking action to bring children’s books to children in a very clever way.

Take a look!

If you want to contact Esther for more information, here it is.

Web address: http://twitter.com/ittybittylibrary.org/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/itty_bitty_libray_committee/

Twitter: twitter.com/ittybittylib

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IttyBittyLibrary/

Email: ittybittylibrary@gmail.com

How are you solving this problem in your community? I would love to hear!!!

Getting ready for Traverse City!!! Can’t wait to see some of you there!

Hope you are off to a great start of the year! So glad you are here with me each week.   I’ve got some great videos coming up so keep watching!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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