Have you seen the Here Comes the Bus App?

Have you seen the Here Comes the Bus App?

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Man, the kids today have it made!!! That’s what my parents said to me (they had to walk 5 miles in the snow to school) and that’s what I said to my children (I had to ride 5 miles to school J). Now my children can say it to their children (someday) because check this out….

There’s an app out now that actually spares children and families some unpleasant or simply inconvenient issues about the school bus ride that neither my parents nor I could ever imagine possible. Unbelievable!!!

Take a look!

Apparently our daughter, Sarah, had been using this technology for the campus bus the whole time she was at Indiana University!!! And here I thought she was lucky to even have busses! J College students are informed of when the bus will arrive at a stop so they don’t have to wait outside for long in bad weather!

Many busses have had GPS installed for years so that the school’s transportation department could track them for safety reasons.

I have a feeling this NEW, hot off the launch (April 2015) APP will make things easier for our children with special needs and their families!

For those of you in the Midwest, check out who the Indiana Resource Center for Autism is bringing in on September 25th!

Joel Shaul!!!

He will be presenting:

A Year of Social Skills Activities and Games for Children with High Functioning Autism and/or Mental Health Challenges

I highlighted one of his cool instructional ideas recently and he’s just a huge resource. Take a look at the workshop overview below. I’m planning to attend so I hope to see you there!

Where: Lawrence Education Community Center, Indianapolis, IN

When: Sept 25, 2015

Cost: $95.00

Time: 8-4

Who should attend: Special and general education teachers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, resource room teachers, counselors, social workers, case managers, school psychologists, family members, caregivers, paraprofessionals, and other related professionals who work with children on the autism spectrum or with mental health challenges.

Here’s the link to sign up!


Workshop Overview

This workshop aims to equip teachers, speech-language pathologists and mental health professionals with abundant, ready-to-use lessons, activities and games that they can use immediately in their work. Each participant will be shown how to access Joel’s website, AutismTeachingStrategies.com, to download and use dozens of free printout games, activities, worksheets, slide presentations and lessons on the topics of conversation, relationships and emotional regulation. During this workshop, the presenter will clearly explain the materials, and in work groups, participants will practice using them. Among the many games and activities featured are: Games and visuals to promote learning about peers; using a toy balance and chain visuals to practice “balance” and “staying connected” in conversation; games, worksheets and free online videos on dealing with troubling emotions; a card game on how to know when not to tattle; a unique card-based activity for teaching teen boys how to approach girls. To practice using the materials described in the workshop, Joel will pass out copies to attendees for frequent, brief practice sessions.

Take care and I’ll see you next time!



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