Have You Seen the APP, “What’s in the Bag?”

Have You Seen the APP, “What’s in the Bag?”


I have done activities during speech therapy sessions where I brought a bag with all kinds of things inside. I’d put things in like animals, vehicles, action figures, fake food etc. Then I would describe something in the bag and have the student try to guess. This activity was usually a big hit, lots of fun and I got the students to practice answering wh questions, describe objects and use their basic problem solving skills all in one activity.

The problem was that I had to haul around all of these items to put in the bag. Another problem was that I had limited things to go in the bag.

No more! There is an app called What’s in the Bag? that would be worth a look if you ever brought your own bag of surprises to a lesson.

Don’t you just love those simple apps that do multiple things?

Take a look!

A warm shout out to the participants who attended the COPESD annual conference I gave last Friday in Traverse City!

For those of you who wanted the link to the Wondertime clock download, here you go!!! https://web.archive.org/web/20070102003303/http://awondertime.go.com/resources/pdf/create-and-play/crafts/wt0606_first-clock.pdf

For those of you at the conference and others who would like the download for the visual health notebook, I have it! Send me your email address with your request for this and I’ll get it out to you!!

It was a pleasure meeting you all! Thanks for having me!

Let me know how you like the app!

You take care, and I’ll see you next time!


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