Get Out of the Vocabulary Rut with a Vocabulary Continuum!

Get Out of the Vocabulary Rut with a Vocabulary Continuum!

The staff in one of our buildings was asked to do a few bus rides with students from some of our poorer neighborhoods in an effort to make some relationship connections.  I decided to participate in this effort.  On my very first ride, I sat with two young students who were in 1st and 2nd grade.  I noticed that they both had on nail polish, so I decided to engage them in a conversation about that topic.  At one point I said that I really liked getting gel nails so they wouldn’t chip for two or three weeks.  The second grader asked me how I got gel nails and I proceeded to explain how the manicurist would first put a layer of color on and then I would put my hand under some special lights to harden the nails.

The next thing out of her mouth took me by surprise.  She asked, “What does layer mean?”  I was dumbfounded that a 2nd grader did not know what a “layer” was.  WOW.  That told me volumes about what kind of oral vocabulary she was getting.

Sometimes as educators in the classroom or as parents at home, we get into a rut with our oral language.  We use the same words over and over again, just not thinking that we are missing out on an amazing opportunity to expand the vocabulary of our children and students.

I’ve got a strategy for you to see that can help you enrich your student’s vocabulary more than what you are doing now.

Take a look!

As always, I’d love to hear if you have success with this strategy.

I now charge you to go forth and expand your use of enriched vocabulary! 

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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