FREE, FREE, FREE CD for Language Development!

FREE, FREE, FREE CD for Language Development!

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Don’t you just wish that more companies would give you a chance to try out their product so you know if it’s worth the cost?  We get to do that sometimes with apps and the lite version, right?  I’d bet that the companies or individuals who offer a little something free, end up making tons of sales if they have a great product.

I know that I’ve taken a chance on products in the past and have had my share of disappointments.  This week’s video gives you a chance to try out a series of great products with no cost or risk to you.

Wait till you get a little “taste” of what Laureate Learning offers for free!  This is such an outstanding CD for all kinds of language/syntax components that I just had to share!!!

Take a look at the video for a couple of samples from the FREE CD!!!

About three years ago Laureate’s free CD was limited to a handful of concepts, actually much less than they’re offering now, but I used the older version with students and had GREAT success!!

I even had one parent order the free CD after she saw me using it!  Her son had been having problems with his language skills, but after using this CD, his scores on a language evaluation increased significantly.  Mom was thrilled!!!

Let me know what you think of this.  Laureate Learning may notice an upswing in the orders for free CDs after this video airs and wonder what the heck just happened!!!


See you next time!!!


2 comments on “FREE, FREE, FREE CD for Language Development!

  1. Frances Rodriguez on said:

    Thanks for offering the free CD! Anything I can use that will help is much appreciated 🙂

  2. Thank you for the free CD. Looking forward to using it with some of my students. Ever think of making things for the special needs adult population? I would be very interested in that.

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