Find Out How You Can Get More Money For You Child With Special Needs!

Find Out How You Can Get More Money For You Child With Special Needs!

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Money, Money, Money!!! Everyone needs it and most of us worry about it in some way or another. I’ve always wished that I knew more about the financial world, but just never seem to have enough hours in a day to figure out the complex concept of investments.

Guess what???

I’ve found a map, a blueprint for financial success, and a light in the dark confusing world of how to make more money, how to keep the money I’ve earned and how to have more than enough to last a lifetime!

If this is what you’ve been looking for with the enormous costs of raising a child with special needs then you need to take a look at this week’s video!!!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring you this information. It feels like it’s one of the best gifts I can give you, because money can be such a barrier for the peace of mind we all want for ourselves and for our families.

Don’t forget to head over to to make that free video for your child or your students! So much fun!!

One of the joys of posting information for you is when I get feedback that my videos make a difference. Just last night I was told that a woman from a local women’s business group saw the video I did several weeks ago on Angie Cain. You may remember that Angie is my young friend with a development disability who is now living independently at the Village of Merici. The woman who watched the video contacted the Village and offered VIP tickets and VIP parking to this week’s Colts game!!!! Angie and two of her friends got to go to the game in style. Way to go Angie!!! You continue to inspire and impress the world!!!

Last but not least, I also have some exciting news about my new social skills book/game, Say What? We’ve finally finished the editing stage and we’re getting ready for production!!! It looks like sometime in early 2015 I will be able to tell you that Say What? is ready to go!!! I’ll keep you posted! AHHHHHH!! 🙂

Now, let me hear from you! Tell me your thoughts about Tony’s book and how it will affect your life!! You’re going to thank me for this one!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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