Expanding Expression Tool to Enhance Writing for ALL Children!

Expanding Expression Tool to Enhance Writing for ALL Children!

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If you have not heard of the Expanding Expression Tool or EET, you are missing out on one of the easiest writing strategies I’ve ever seen! It works it’s magic with visual/tactile prompts to help organize your student’s thoughts!

Once you’ve seen the kit that Sara Smith has designed, you are going to want one for yourself, your business, your child, your child’s classroom, or your school!!!!

You know that the key to teaching students with disabilities is to find ways to help make things “stick”. Bethany Tucker originally invented Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading to help students with learning disabilities remember how to attack the sounds/symbols we use to read. When I attended her training, I remember her saying she had to find a way to help make the decoding process “sticky”.

Children who have special needs are not the only ones who need help with making things sticky, right? I know I need assistance when I’m trying to learn something new in technology!!!! Not a strong point for me.   I need visuals and steps!!!

When I work with both teachers and Instructional Assistants, I try to make things “sticky” as well. It just makes responding to students in the heat of the moment easier. I often use mantras with children like, “Use your words to communicate with me, not your body”, and mantras for staff to remember for themselves when working with students on the autism spectrum like: “Cut the verbal and go visual”, “Pretend they’re deaf”, and “No new learning occurs without a reinforcer”.

It just makes sense that when something is hard, we should use tools that help us out. This is exactly what EET does for students when it comes to writing!

Take a look!

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