EASY, EASY Fluency Strategy for Children Who Struggle!

EASY, EASY Fluency Strategy for Children Who Struggle!

Just so you know, there are some really good fluency programs/kits out there (Wilson has one!), but if you don’t have the luxury of purchasing one, you have options!

I have three fluency strategies that I want to share for some DYI ideas.  I am sharing one of them with you today!

Keep in mind that this vital foundation piece for reading must be part of your instruction so that students can remember what they read!  They need to have the information in their head before they can think about comprehending what they just read.

There are several possible barriers to fluency.

Decoding: Perhaps your student is so slow at decoding, he/she works so hard and long to attack the words in a sentence, there is no way that student is going to even remember what that sentence said.

Sight Word Vocabulary:  If your student cannot read sight words with automaticity, that is going to slow them down and get in the way of fluency.

Phrasing:  Students need to learn to read in phrases, sometimes known as scooping the sentences, so that they can not only sound like they are reading fluently but so they can hear the language structure to help them grasp the meaning!

Note: You can have a slow reader and still have a student who can decode, knows the sight words, and is good at phrasing and expression.  As long as the students ultimately gets to comprehension, being a slow reader is not an issue!

Click open to see today’s strategy for fluency!

If you live in the US, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  We’re all looking forward to the holidays coming up and I hope you are too!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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