Dyslexia: Are You Aware of These Outstanding Programs!

Dyslexia: Are You Aware of These Outstanding Programs!

I am on fire with all of the knowledge and product information I have been learning this summer as it relates to struggling readers, especially those who have Dyslexia.   I can confidently say that I not only know how to teach reading, I also know what products or strategies to use for those students who struggle with conventional reading instruction.

I am so excited, that I just needed to share it with you too. What I know now is that 1 in 5 students have some level of dyslexia.   What I also discovered is that although we have 25-40% of our students who struggle with reading, only 7% have severe dyslexia.  For those 25-40% of our students, we need to take on the attitude that time is of the essence.  We cannot wait for students to fail, we need to be proactive with strategies and programming that can and will meet their needs.  We can do that!!!

I have now been through 70 hours of intensive instruction for the Orton-Gillingham Approach taught by one of the two Fellows in OG in the state of Indiana, Janet George.  She is supervising me during my 100 hours of tutoring with a 1stgrade student who came to me after 2 years of kindergarten with almost no reading skills.  This training is designed for those students how have severe dyslexia and need this ultra intensive 1:1 instruction.

I have also been trained in the Wilson Reading System, Fundations Level K, and Just Words.  I will be going to Fundations Level 1( I will be finished by the time you read this!)  I wanted to share with you the general outline of how this product line can work for your students. Since most of you do not have time to do the 1:1 intervention I am doing, nor are you interested in that kind of intensive training, the Wilson products provide a solid, practical material that is easily implemented in the schools.

I can look at what I learned in my intensive 70 hour program and see the same components in the Wilson programs and I’m impressed. Plus you don’t have to come up with materials and it guides you every step of the way.  EXCITING!!

Take a look!

By the way, after 8 – 1 hour sessions with my student, he has 6 sight words, I can dictate CvC words to him and he can spell them correctly.  He is blending nonsense words, can write the sounds that I do in an auditory drill and can correctly say the sounds I show him in a visual drill.  I can also dictate a short sentence to him that has the sounds and Red Words (sight words) I’ve taught him and he is able to do sound segmentation.  All of these things he could not do 8 lessons ago!!!

One more thing…I do not sell Wilson Products J  Just love them!

If you have any questions, please ask!  This is amazing and will change the successes of your students and the trajectory of their lives.  Let’s make a difference together!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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