Don’t You Wish Your Child With Special Needs Could Tell You What’s Wrong?

Don’t You Wish Your Child With Special Needs Could Tell You What’s Wrong?

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It would be interesting to me to see just how many times a child without special needs communicates to a parent or teacher that something hurts, or there was an accident and they got injured, or they feel sick and need to lay down.

That answer would give me some insight about just how many times a parent or teacher of a child with special needs cannot communicate this basic, important information. I know how much I depended upon getting a heads up about what was going on with my own children’s health and I appreciated getting calls from the school nurses who could tell me exactly what had happened or what was going on if my child got sick or hurt at school.

I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be for both school nurses, doctors, dentists, teachers, parents and extended family members who live or work with a child with a disability and cannot figure out what is wrong. It’s got to be one of a parent’s or professional staff member’s worst fear to not figure out what is wrong before the situation gets worse.

Take a look at today’s video to see how the school nurses in our district handle medical situations with our students with special needs!

I would recommend that you start practicing with this tool BEFORE an illness or injury occurs. You can begin to teach your child/student what each icon means and how they might communicate their issues with you. Then when something really happens, at least you have a better chance of getting accurate information, more than you did before using this health book!

I would also recommend using the book DURING the time an injury or illness occurs because you can then pair the pictures with the illness or body part that hurts or is injured. This can help your child/student begin to understand the connection of the icons and the real life situation.

Let me know if this idea helps you! Leave a comment below and share, share, share!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. dgaarder on said:

    This book is amazing. I work in a high school with multiple needs students. Some see the nurse daily for specialized health care needs, and others see the nurse often due to health issues. Last year I collected health supplies from the nurse’s office to target healthcare vocabulary, but I can’t seen to find the time to put something together. Where can I get a book like the one shown on this post?

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