Does Too Much Screen Time Have an Effect on Language and Social Development?

Does Too Much Screen Time Have an Effect on Language and Social Development?

You bet it does!!!!  In fact, excessive screen time has more ramifications on not only language and social skills, but many more things as well.  Self-regulation, anxiety, memory issues, and challenges with controlling emotions are just a few of the issues that can result from too much time that children spent on technology.

One of our SLPs, sent me an article written by another SLP, Angie Neal that was both comprehensive and impactful.  I know we all notice that kids are spending too much time playing video games instead of playing outside.

We all see parents and children in the community not speaking to each other because they are all on their devices.  Screen time not only refers to children spending time on a device but the amount of time that parents spend on a device when they should be interacting with their children.

We’re noticing that our students don’t have some of the basic social skillsthat they should have. Our students can’t always sustain attention in the classroom like they should.  Our students sometimes are not able to problem solve and self-regulate like they should.  Some of our students are not coming to school with the kind of vocabulary and language development they should have.

Some of this just might be explained by unprecedented increase in technology use by both adults and children.  I learned that according to Common Sense Media (2017), mobile phones are in 98% of homes in the US with children ages 0-8.   I was horrified recently when I saw a post on Instagram of a video of a new mother breast-feeding her infant with her cell phone propped up on her shoulder so that her infant could watch it!!!! 

I wanted to join in on sounding the alarm on the consequences of too much screen time for children and parents.  I believe that sometimes, having good information to raise awareness can start to have a positive impact and hopefully change attitudes and thinking on something that can be so harmful.

Take a look!

From Ms. Neal article, “If you want to change your screen to greyscale on your iPhone or ipad, go to settings, general accessibility, display accommodations, color filters.  Then go back to accessibility and turn on the accessibility short cut.  This allows you to easily switch back to color (for photos, etc) with a triple click of the home button.”

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