Do You Welcome This Unexpected Guest To Circle Time For Your Children With Special Needs?

Do You Welcome This Unexpected Guest To Circle Time For Your Children With Special Needs?

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Have you ever created a personality for your children or your students?

I have!

When my four children were young, we spent a lot of time in the car. I felt that time was being wasted and was cutting into quality time I could be spending with my kids!!

What to do???

So I decided that I would create this character that would pop up from time to time in the car! His name was Ralph. As soon as I’d change my voice the kids would start laughing. They knew that Ralph was among us.

Ralph would play a game I made up called “Light to Light”.   Ralph would challenge the kids to be quiet between stoplights and if he could make the person who was “it” laugh, that person was “out”.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? Haha. I wanted it as quiet as I could get it with four little ones in the car, so I got creative!!!

I remember Ralph telling my son, Jonathan, who was in the third grade at the time, that he knew all about his new girlfriend. Ralph said that he heard that she was a kindergartener and was still in diapers!!! The girls all laughed and Jonathan was doing everything in his power not to!! Another time when it was Kathryn’s turn, Ralph said the following: “Kathryn, Do you know why I love the rain? Because that’s when all the worms come out and I can put them on my cereal!!!” I got lots of responses like, “eeeww, gross!!” With crazy comments like this, I can tell you Ralph often won the Light to Light game!!!

I knew my character was a hit when my daughter, Ashlyn, was in the back seat one day and she changed her voice into Ralph’s voice and said, “Hey mom, guess what?” and then proceeded to make ME laugh with some crazy story about why I should never wear perfume again!!!

Now that you know how the character, Ralph was born, take a look at the video and see how I use him during circle time activities with my students!!!

I encourage you to find a great puppet and develop a personality for your child or students!!! With a little creativity and fun on your part, you can delight and teach many things with help from your new circle time assistant!!!

Have fun with this! Now it’s your turn to let me know how this goes for you! Leave a comment below and share!!!

See you next time!!!


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