Do You Need a Cooperative Game Rather Than A Competitive One?

Do You Need a Cooperative Game Rather Than A Competitive One?

How many times have you attempted to play a game with some of your students and it ended up in hurt feelings, or even aggressive behavior? Unfortunately, competitive games are sometimes very hard for students with special needs. Shoot, I even know students who don’t have special needs and they can be sore losers as well.

Imagine my delight when I found out that there are games available that require children to work together to accomplish a task, rather than against each other!!! Everyone wins or everyone loses. What a great concept!

My thought is that these games could be that stepping stone to teaching healthy competitive play and good sportsmanship!

Take a look!

Other games available at Peaceable Kingdom through are:

Count Your Chickens

Feed the Woozle

Sung Bug Rug

Fix Stix

The Fairy Game

Alphabet Go Fish

Mole Rats in Space

Dinosaur escape

Mermaid Island

Stack Up

The Memory Palace

Cauldron Quest

One of our resource teachers is exploring a grant to see if she can get a whole closet full of these games for her students with ASD and ED. Such a great idea!!!

Let me know if you have any positive experiences with these cooperative games. I’d love to share with my subscribers!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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