Do You Know What to Do When a Seizure Occurs?

Do You Know What to Do When a Seizure Occurs?

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone was having a seizure and you didn’t know what to do? That is the worst feeling ever! If you’ve been working in the field of special education, you might be a pro at handling these situations, but if you’re a newbie working with students who have special needs, you will learn a lot from today’s episode.

If you don’t need this information but you have family members or brand new staff who need to learn about seizures, you might want them to take a look at this video. I have with me one of our amazing nurses who handle the medical needs of some of our high school students. She will give you the basic information you need in a variety of situations involving seizures.

You will learn:

  • the different kinds of seizures
  • what to do when one occurs
  • what to do after the seizure is over
  • how to know when to call 911

Take a Look!

You may not have students who experience those grand mal seizures and make it quite obvious as to what is happening, but you just may have that child who suddenly stares off in the distance and you think that he/she is not paying attention to you on purpose. Now you know that this behavior could very well be a petit mal seizure or absence seizure and you don’t want to consequent or admonish the student for “ignoring you”.

A couple of summers ago I worked with a little girl on the autism spectrum who would have anywhere from one to four absence seizures during my hour of therapy time. I knew it was a seizure when I couldn’t get her to refocus on me when I would say, “come back”.   If she were having a seizure, she would just continue to stare off in the distance for several seconds until the episode was over. After that she would just continue with what we were doing.

We all want to do the right thing. I try to make it my business not to allow negative things happen on my watch because of a lack of information. Albert Einstein once said that knowledge is power. He was right! The more knowledge we have the more power we have to control events in our life!

I hope you take this information and use it for yourself or share with others who need to know!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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