Do You Know What T.H.I.N.K. Stands For As A Social Media Guide?

Do You Know What T.H.I.N.K. Stands For As A Social Media Guide?

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You know that some of our children with special needs get on the computer and post things just like their peers. Is anyone guiding those postings? Has anyone pointed out the pit falls, the potential negative consequences of reckless posting of information?

These are questions that we, the parents and educators, must address to protect not only our children, but other children from things like bullying. In today’s video, I’m sharing a simple but powerful poster that you can share with your students and post around the home and school as a visual reminder of the rules for posting on social media.

Take a look!

I typically give credit to the author or inventor of the things I post. Unfortunately I was unable to track down the creative person responsible for this poster, so I want to say thank you to whoever you are!

I do have a quick update on my social skills book/game, Say What? The manuscript is finally going into its last phase of production!!!! I do not yet have a launch date yet, but we are moving ahead. This is like giving birth but instead of nine months, this is an extra long gestation period of 2 ½ years!!! I’m excited for you to have access to this book because I think you will enjoy the already made for you Foundations Scripts that can get your child started on the path of using typical social interactions.

I found that when I worked in summer school with elementary students on the spectrum, they did not know how to talk to each other. They had no idea that the “anatomy” of a conversation had a beginning, a middle, and an end. I would put simple scripts on the board that were color coded for each speaker. The scripts had an initial greeting, the body of the conversation and a closing.

The students practiced the scripts, then something wonderful happened….. They started going off script to make it fit what they wanted to say!!! It was perfect.   The Foundation Scripts taught the children what to say, but then their confidence grew to a point where they could make the conversation their own.

I eventually took the written script away and asked them to talk to each other using one of the familiar topics. THEY DID IT. I don’t think they could believe they were having these conversations with a peer. PRICELESS!!!

The next thing on that summer school agenda was something I learned from a high school student that I work with privately.   One day several years ago I said to that student, “Guess what?” and he just stared at me. He didn’t know what to say! I thought that it was ridiculous for a high school student not to know how to respond to such a simple question sooooo I developed what I call Quick Social Responses. These are a list of those things people say to us and we respond with a quick answer. For example, if someone says,” Guess What?” you say “What?” Right??? If someone says, “I’m going to bed”, you say “good night”. If someone says, “What’s up?”, you say, “Not much”.

I made a list of these Quick Social Responses for the students in my summer school class and I can tell you it was a HIT! Think about it. They just got a blueprint of how to interact with a peer or an adult in an appropriate manner!!!! Goodbye mystery, Hello confidence.

All of these things and more are in Say What? which is why I am so excited about it! The next update I’ll share will be when it’s actually PUBLISHED and ready for you!

Hope you enjoyed the information today! You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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