Do You Know What A Hygiene Station Is?

Do You Know What A Hygiene Station Is?

If you have never heard of a Hygiene Station and you have a child or students with severe physical limitations, then you are in for a treat!!! Gone are the days for most students who have physical limitations that in the past would not allow for parents/staff to do a diaper change anywhere but on a changing table.

How has this happened? I give full credit to M.O.V.E International and it’s founder, Linda Bidabe. She had the vision, years ago, for students with severe physical needs to be able to get up out of their wheel chairs and off the beanbags and get MOVING!!!


Why Not?

Mrs. Bidabe’s philosophy is simply that if you get students up and moving they will have better health, independence and dignity. She is spot on!!! Through her training, curriculum and the equipment she has either inspired or helped to design, Mrs. Bidabe has helped countless children improve their health, ability to learn, independence in their everyday life and to get the dignity they deserve.

When I started in my position as a professional development coordinator with the special education cooperative fourteen years ago, we had high school students who were still being changed on a changing table like we would an infant. At that time, I just thought that was what had to be, as sad as it was. We had many students with hip dysplasia and other issues so they were not able to bear weight.

I’ve learned long since that bearing weight is exactly what our students with severe physical needs actually need. Among other things! What we once avoided, we now embrace! The Hygiene Station is just one piece of equipment that is part of the treasure of equipment that is an integral part of the M.O.V.E curriculum.

Check out this week’s video to see a demonstration of the Hygiene Station!

Since our cooperative has been fortunate enough to become a regional training site, I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Bidabe on more than one occasion and watch her work. She is like the movement whisperer for children with severe physical needs. It’s a sight to behold I can tell you not only because of the solutions for problems Mrs. Bidabe shares with us, but because of the bond of trust and respect she develops with students almost instantaneously.

If you don’t know about M.O.V.E international, check out their website! Get your students up and moving. It simply changes everything…..

Now I’d like to hear about what you do for your students! I’d also like to know if this has given you an “aha!” moment!!! Can’t wait for your feedback!

See you next time!


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