Do You Know the Five Foundation Pieces A Child Needs To Read?

Do You Know the Five Foundation Pieces A Child Needs To Read?

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As I travel around from school to school and speak to teachers and parents, one thing is clear.   They want their children to read. 

There is no longer any mystery about what a child needs to learn to read. 

The point of this week’s video is to make sure that both parents and teachers understand what five components make up the foundation of reading.  Sometimes figuring out about where the gaps really are is the key to reading success.

What may be masquerading as a reading comprehension problem could actually be an issue with phonics problem.  What you think is a fluency problem, could be a lack of strong phonemic awareness.  There are many scenarios that could be going on with your child so this is a way to help you figure this out!!!

Watch my video to see the five foundation pieces of reading.

Now that you know exactly what these foundation pieces are, you can take a closer look at your child/student who is behind in reading and investigate which piece is missing.  Then off you go to finding the right curriculum to accomplish your goals.

Would love to hear from you!  Did this answer your questions?  What is your story and how is your quest for teaching reading going?

Happy Reading!!!  See you next time!!!


One comment on “Do You Know the Five Foundation Pieces A Child Needs To Read?

  1. Miriam on said:

    I love your informative video for the Austism Spectrum. I’m a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and do not do assessments. However, your video recommended an example for the SLP to use when assessing was CAAPA. Does the CAAPA have standard norms and how reliable is it?

    Thank you.

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