Do You Know the Doubling Rule and How to Teach it?

Do You Know the Doubling Rule and How to Teach it?

I wish I could have back all the time I’ve spent looking up whether or not I doubled the consonant in a word when I added a suffix!  I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but think about all of the words you’ve spelled in your life and how many times you’ve needed to know this concept.   For some reason I always thought that this was one of those things that I just needed to memorize like sight words, but I could never remember exactly, so out came the dictionary!

Apparently, I was never bothered enough to do some research on this, but now that I know there is a RULE,I’ve had time to reflect on what a nice thing this would have been for me to know!

My mission today is to help you prevent your students from too much dictionary time or a lifetime of poor spelling by just teaching them this simple spelling rule!

Take a look!

Do remember that as you work with your students on this rule and give them practice time, they should be able to recite this rule back to you.  Students remember things better if they know the WHY behind what they do.  Then when they are not with you, they have that “rule tool” ( I just made that up :)) that stays with them always!

Guess what?  I’ve become a much better speller because of these rules I’ve been sharing, I’ve reduced my relationship with spell check, my dictionary and google search for the correct spelling of these words.  Not sorry!

I hope this helps your struggling spellers and perhaps you too!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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