Do You Know How To Do a “Plan B” for Solving Behavior Problems?

Do You Know How To Do a “Plan B” for Solving Behavior Problems?

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I couldn’t end my series of highlighting Dr. Ross Greene’s ideas from his book, Lost at School without showing you a quick overview on how to do a Plan B.

Take a look!!!

We’re seeing students stay in the classroom longer, making choices not to fight for the first place in line, choosing to go to a calm down area rather than becoming aggressive or destructive. Some successes come in baby steps, some successes happen right before your eyes…like magic.

When teachers are struggling, they want a solution NOW! I get it. BUT these lagging skills have been lagging for some time, so you’re not going to fix them overnight! My new mantra with teachers is, “Even an antibiotic takes 10 days!” That actually seems to help them understand that solving problems is a process, a journey, not a sprint.

For my subscribers I wanted to share some idea’s that my daughter, Sarah, put together for me. She is an interior designer in Chicago and recently designed a playroom for Riley’s Children’s Hospital. When I saw what she did, I asked if she had some vendors with cool sensory room ideas.  Now…..I need to warn you this first set of videos is for someone who has a sizable budget for sensory equipment and even though we will never be able to afford such lovely things… sure was fun to see what’s possible!!!

In the second set of information, Sarah sent me some things that are actually affordable and fun.

Thanks for watching!

You take care, and I’ll see you next time!


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