Do You Know About The Science of Making Friends?

Do You Know About The Science of Making Friends?

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Parents need something to DO when it comes to social skills for their kids who have social deficits. They know they need to do something, they just don’t sometimes know exactly how they can help. Often parents become somewhat accepting of the social deficits of their children because it has become the norm of how their child communicates. For this reason it is a good reminder that what is acceptable with awkward social interactions within the safety of family experiences, may not be acceptable to the general public and certainly not to friends or employers.

I’ve discovered two answers to this problem. The first is this wonderful resource that is specifically designed for parents. There is a wonderful scope and sequence for parents to follow.

Take a look!

The second answer is a terrific companion for The Science of Making Friends and it’s the FriendMaker App. It’s $0.99 at the App Store and it’s pretty cool since it gives you actual video of older students having social interactions. I will be doing a video on this soon, but wanted to give you a heads up on this useful and inexpensive app!!!

This is an app that students can have on their phones to help give them reminders before social situations of what appropriate interactions look like. It’s kind of like that little rehearsal before the big moment. You and I do this on a regular basis. We practice what we want to say in an interview, we practice what we want to say in a difficult situation, we practice what we want to say before we get up in front of people. If those of us who have many, many social skills need to do this, then it is more than understandable that those students and young adults who struggle with social interaction would really need to do this too!

Take a look and let me know what you think!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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