Do You Know About the 90 Second Pause?

Do You Know About the 90 Second Pause?


When you are dealing with students who have behavior issues, you need all of the tools in your toolbox that you can get. Sometimes you need to use the 2+2, sometimes you need work systems, sometimes you do a planned ignore. No matter how many times your tried and true strategies work, there is always that one student who empties your toolbox. You find yourself running to the nearest Internet article, behavior consultant, conference or book on 101 ways to deal with students with behavior.

Can I tell how I feel about those students who tax your nerves and max out your patience? I say they are a blessing to you in many ways. I can hear you saying to me, “Yeah Carla, you’ve never met my little darlin”. “ I am here to tell you I have met several little darlings and what they did for me, they will do for you. They make you a better teacher.

They make you connect with other educators, read more, ask more questions, search everywhere for answers and things you can try. Then the most wonderful thing happens. You find someway, something, somehow to reach and teach that child. The extra bonus here is when that next little darlin’ comes along, you can say, “I got this”.

Today I have a strategy that you can either actually teach your students to do this or you can use this strategy with your students. It’s called the 90 Second Pause. The beauty with the 90 Second Pause is that you can use this little gem yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to get it together.

Take a look!

Scripting with Idioms update: The edits are done and it’s off to the printer! I can’t wait to share with you this wonderful tool! I think you’re gonna love it!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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