Do You Have This Great School Job For Your Students with Special Needs?

Do You Have This Great School Job For Your Students with Special Needs?

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Finding or creating school jobs is an awesome way to help students get some vocational training before they actually go out on a job site. Many teachers have come up with some very creative ways to get this vocational experience to their students.

Sometimes the jobs just get old or are boring or you just need a change. Today I’m sharing one fun school job that could be appropriate for any age student and could be a welcome change for one of your students!

Take a look!

Some other job ideas:

  1. Making ice packs for the school nurse 
  1. Designing Greeting Cards for: illness, new baby, birthday, holidays etc 
  1. Cutting coupons for staff and delivering their favorites 
  1. Selecting students who will read morning announcements 
  1. Re-shelving library books 
  1. Ordering online for staff to get lunch delivered 
  1. Assisting PE teacher in getting equipment set up 
  1. Greeting parents and visitors: direct them to sign in and give them a visitor’s pass to wear 
  1. Collect “news” from staff for the school newsletter 
  1. Select/tell the weekly inspirational quote

On a personal note:   We just moved our youngest daughter, Sarah, to Chicago. What an exciting new city we now get to explore!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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