Do You Have An Amazing Informal Reading Assessment To Use?

Do You Have An Amazing Informal Reading Assessment To Use?

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Too many times teachers are forced to pull information from here and there.  That takes time and often the information does not have any kind of scope and sequence or it’s just not comprehensive.

Just bits and pieces.

When you have a new student who’s a mystery as far as reading skills go, you want something at your fingertips to quickly figure out what is going on.

Today I’m passing on a tip to you about a material that we use with our students even at the level of a moderate cognitive delay.  It’s a one-stop, all-inclusive treasure that no teacher who teaches reading should be without.

Check out my video!

This is a resource that is valuable enough that it should be in every school’s library!!!  No more searching the Internet for materials that are not only age appropriate for your student, but also comprehensive enough to get you the information you want!

This book is kind of like the little black dress for reading.  Everyone needs one (or access to one) and it makes you look amazing!!!  

Happy assessing!!!  I would love to know what you think!

See you next time!


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