Do You have a Student or Adult Who Can’t Tie Their Shoes?

Do You have a Student or Adult Who Can’t Tie Their Shoes?

We all know someone who either can’t quite tie their shoes or who have trouble keeping them tied throughout the day. Once I started getting information about a product that could help keep shoes tied, I had to order some for myself to see.

These come in all kinds of colors or just a single color and they are easy to put on your shoes. They stretch, so it’s easy to get my foot in the shoe and take it off.

Take a look!

I want to send out a big thank you to those of you who have already grabbed your copy of Scripting with Idioms!!! The feedback I’ve been getting already has been phenomenal! Please continue to share your experiences and student comments with me. I LOVE it!

One resource teacher told me that she had a student say, “I like this!” after they did a lesson in Scripting with Idioms.   Coming from a student on the autism spectrum, I take this as a huge compliment!   This same teacher told me that her Instructional Assistant said that the lesson she did in Scripting with Idioms was the most fun she’s had in presenting a lesson! Love this too!

On another note, if you are anywhere near Tulsa, OK, I hope you will come and spend the day with me on Saturday Feb 4th for the See it, Learn it, Do it Conference for Helping Your Students with Special Needs. I’m bringing so many materials and ideas to share that it will fill three bags on the plane and I’m shipping two more boxes!!!

The Down Syndrome Society of Tulsa is sponsoring this event, which includes breakfast and lunch! They have made this event VERY affordable for any and all who want to attend!

Expansion Expression Tool kits will be available for purchase and I’ll be sticking around for a book signing!!! Looking forward to signing your book!

Go to and sign up!! Would love to see you there!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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