Did You Know that Super Heroes Can Help with Potty Training?

Did You Know that Super Heroes Can Help with Potty Training?

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I learned a long time ago that if I used a child’s interests, I just might tap into a magical motivation to get students to learn much faster than they typically would. I’ve used Disney characters to inspire a student to do math, I’ve used Legos to improve behavior, and I’ve used Buzz Light Year to prompt communication exchanges.

Recently I’ve involved super heroes in my quest for improved behaviors. You may recall that I used one of those rubber bracelets as a super hero band that can stop a student from touching/grabbing other students with its magic super hero powers. Every time a student goes to touch another student, the band is right there to remind the student about personal space.

If a super hero wristband can work it’s magic, then why not use super heroes to teach potty training???

Take a look!

Everyone needs someone to look up to, a hero. Why not use that concept to help students to reach farther and faster than expected? You know my mantra, “If it works for one student/child, it will work for another.” Super Heroes work for me, maybe they’ll work for you too!

Give super heroes a new role and see if magic happens!

Let me know if you have success! Leave a comment below!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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