Did You Know That Good Listening Can Prevent Acting Out Behavior?

Did You Know That Good Listening Can Prevent Acting Out Behavior?


Check Out The Six things You Need To Do To Be An Effective Listener! 

When was the last time you gave someone your full, and I mean full, attention when they were talking?  When was the last time someone hung onto every word you said?
Chances are….it’s been a long time!  We’re all so busy multi-tasking and trying to make it through the day that we just don’t take the time to be a good listener.  
Those of you who know the FISH Philosophy, know that one of it’s important components is “BE THERE“. 
When you listen with your whole being to someone, you have to BE THERE and  there are many benefits to this approach.  It builds relationships, creates trust and promotes self-esteem. 
Good listening can also help to prevent acting out behaviors.
Take a look at the six things you need to do to be a good listener!!!

Now that you’ve had some reminders and perhaps an aha! moment, how many of these do you actually do on a daily basis?
Many of us need a bit of a prompt to do listening right, including me!!!
Take the opportunity to practice this technique, whether it is a reminder or a first time hearing about this approach, during this next week and let me know if it makes a difference!  Can’t wait to hear your comments! 
See you next time!!!


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