Crazy Summer Schedule??? Go Visual!

Crazy Summer Schedule??? Go Visual!


Crazy Summer Schedule??? Go Visual!

Do you rely on your visual schedule as much as I do?  I know I want to see what is coming up and what I need to accomplish for the day.  It calms me down for sure!

Your child with special needs should also know what is happening for the day.  It will help bring order to his/her world and if you go visual with the schedule, it will help bring some peace to both you and your child!

We don’t have a schedule in our home” you say. “We just go with the flow because it’s summer” or “We are so busy, no two days are the same!”  All the more reason for you to have a visual schedule for your child with special needs!

With a crazy schedule, do you have more meltdowns, a cranky child or a child who just can’t seem to take advantage of the “fun” in your family time or family vacation?  Maybe it’s because your child is using behavior to communicate that they need some more structure in this unstructured period of time.

A visual schedule can be as easy as a whiteboard (I have a whiteboard calendar in my kitchen where I put family activities, appointments and work schedules for all to see.) A visual schedule can also use pictures, words or 3-D objects depending upon the needs of your child.

Take a look at the video for four specific examples!

I mention in the video that I purchased some of my 3-D objects online.  The correct name of that site is

This is where I found the computer, doctor, iphone and toilet!  I got the mini pair of jeans from one of my daughter’s Brats Doll!  Get creative, I’m sure you have lots of things you could use for a 3-D schedule if you just look around your house!

Don’t let your summer be defined by any more stressful situations than you have to!  Not knowing what is happening just builds tension and stress in your child with special needs.

Notice too that you can build in an OOPS! situation that you learned in one of the earlier videos!  If you haven’t seen it, check it out!  It’s a skill you can teach a child on how to deal with change.  This concept works in perfectly when you have a visual schedule!

As you can see from the video these schedules are conducive to being quite flexible.  You could actually put things up hour by hour if you had to!

So crazy or not, you can have a visual schedule at home that can only be a win-win for both you and your child!

Enjoy a more peaceful summer!


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