Cooking Show Star Spurs Hope for Children with Special Needs and Their Parents!

Cooking Show Star Spurs Hope for Children with Special Needs and Their Parents!

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Are you looking for a bright spot in your everyday challenges with your child?  What parent isn’t?

Sometimes those bright spots are too few and far between!

On today’s episode of Behavior Communicates, I have two guests who are helping to pioneer new thoughts, and yes, new hope for what possibilities can be in store for you!

Instead of waiting and wondering what will happen to your child when you are no longer around to care for and watch over him or her, I thought it would be refreshing to think about being proactive in your child’s future plans right now.

There are parents out there thinking outside the box and doing things for their children’s future rather than waiting around wondering if some agency or law will take care of everything.

For example, there is a group of parents here in central Indiana establishing a community for their adult children to live and work that will be self- sustaining long after they are gone. 

There is another group of parents establishing a “working hotel” in a midsize town where the employees are adults with special needs.  They will be gaining work experience and hopefully a future for themselves, not to mention pride and dignity as well!!

There is a mother of a child with special needs who has helped to start a non-profit agency in the Atlanta area where young adults are able to get out of the house for six hours a day to go and learn life skills in an “Exchange City” like environment, and then they spend the next three hours actually doing jobs in an actual work environment. 

How cool is that?

In this scenario these young adults do not get paid, but they have a purpose beyond high school and continue to learn skills that will serve them in many ways for years to come.

Take a look at my interview with this remarkable mom and her lovely daughter!  This video is longer than my other posts, but if you have a child with special needs, I encourage you to watch the entire interview.  I think you’ll find it worthwhile!

Now that you’ve met Valerie and Sarah, I hope you can hear their message of HOPE.

My challenge to you is this.

What can you do within your family or circle of friends to create and/or develop something that involves your child? 

  • A self- published book series about a fun or serious topic?
  • A product that can be sold on-line or within your community that has your child’s name on it?

Perhaps these can be examples of the intellectual properties that you help create NOW that could be a sustainable income for your child in the future.

Do you have a special talent or gift that can somehow translate into a future for your child?    Does one of your other children have a talent or passion where they could partner with their sibling with special needs?

Can your child perform a service and develop their own company where others work for them?

Think about it, you’re already doing things for your child that you were never trained to do.  Right?

You weren’t expecting a child with special needs to come into your life, but you have stepped up and have done what you’ve needed to do with all of the blessings and challenges that come with it.         

My message here is to keep going but in a direction that perhaps you haven’t thought of before.  Hopefully this video and message of hope will translate into something new and wonderful for you and your family!

Until next time,


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