Consider Putting Idioms in Your Quick Social Responses!

Consider Putting Idioms in Your Quick Social Responses!


The research on barriers for reading comprehension for students on the autism spectrum indicates that a lack of the ability to understand idioms in context is one key culprit. This actually makes sense to me. When understanding figurative language is a common weakness for these students, why would anyone expect that this wouldn’t interfere with what the student is reading?

Books are full of idioms, more than I actually thought. My inspiration for writing my newest book, Scripting with Idioms, came when I went searching for a very simple book in a middle school library for a student with ASD who was having serious problems with reading comprehension. The first few pages were so full of idioms that it would have taken me an unbelievable amount of time to just explain what each idiom meant before I could even think about helping her to completely comprehend what the pages actually meant.

The task was just too overwhelming. I chose another book. If this overwhelmed me, I could only imagine how a student who is a very concrete thinker would feel. This experience put me on the path to help students who struggle with understanding the use of idioms.

Take a look at one excerpt from Scripting with Idioms that might help you!

I was hoping to be ready to offer Scripting with Idioms with you by now, but I’m almost there!   Sometimes changes and editing just take longer than you expect! Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Remember if you want your free sample page of Quick Social Responses with idioms, leave a comment with “subscriber” and you’ll get a taste of this section in the book.

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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