Children’s Literature for Students with Disabilities Who Worry!

Children’s Literature for Students with Disabilities Who Worry!

As you know, I love children’s literature!  I know we have students who will sometimes connect better through a story than through personal contact with others.  One of my students on the autism spectrum lost his grandmother.  He was very close to her, spent tons of time doing things with her and he knew she understood him.  When she died, he told his parents it was like in the movie, The Lion King.   He basically communicated that he knew that his grandmother was not coming back.

Today I have two more examples of children’s’ literature that you can use with students who suffer with worry and anxiety.  I know you already have a student in mind!

Take a look!

This is the time of year that you might be very busy with other things besides school, professional development and students. Awesome!!!  I know I need a few days to regroup and refresh!!!

If you are like me, you may be going to get some training since you don’t have the work obligations in addition to getting some time off! I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to go to a 60-hour dyslexia training! On one hand I’m saying, I am so EXCITED!!!!  On the other hand, I’m saying, What did I get myself into??!!!J

Yes, for two weeks I’m going to learn all kinds of things about Dyslexia and how I will be better able to work with these students and help others to work with students who struggle with reading and comprehension!

Once I’m done with the training, THEN I will be providing 100 hours of tutoring supervised by someone who has reached the level of “Fellow” in the world of Dyslexia. INTENSE for sure!

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Hope you enjoyed the book reviews today!  You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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