Children With Special Needs: Two Mistakes to Avoid when Teaching Sight Word Vocabulary

Children With Special Needs: Two Mistakes to Avoid when Teaching Sight Word Vocabulary


It’s one of those lovely rainy days today where you just want to cuddle up with a good book! (or your significant other).  Perfect day for writing a blog about how to get kids on the right path for reading! 

Sight words are one of the foundation pieces for reading.

If a child does not know his/her sight words (Dolch sight word list – for example), they are not going to be able to read the “easy” words that make up the majority of what we read. 

They are not going to be able to read with fluency because they are stumbling over the sight words.

If they are stumbling over the sight words, they are not going to have good reading comprehension!

They are spending so much time trying to figure out what these sight words are that there’s no way they’ll even remember what the sentence was about by the time they reach the end of it!!!

So, hopefully, I’ve made my case on just how important it is to learn sight word vocabulary!  With that said, those of you who teach reading already knew that, but what I’ve seen happen over and over again, is that instructors, working with students, make two mistakes that can easily be fixed!

I’ve demonstrated both in the video, so take a look!

If you are a parent, this is a great way for you to present sight words at home and help the teacher move things along.

If you are a teacher who has instructional assistants working with students on their sight word vocabulary, this simple strategy would be an easy way to make their time with students be more effective.

So let them know what to do, or have them watch this video!

Just a quick heads up if you don’t already know:  Learning sight words to automaticity means that the student must be able to say the word flashed before him/her within 1 to 3 seconds.

If they cannot do that and start guessing, try to sound it out or just plain take too long to respond, he/she does not have that word as a sight word! 

If you’d like to see the list of sight words from Dolch for all grades go to

Get your child or your students off to a great start with reading!

Please share this with your friends on all your social medias, and help a child to read! 


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