Check Out This FREE Self-Regulating App for Adults!

Check Out This FREE Self-Regulating App for Adults!

I remember attending a class for moms when my children were very young. We were interested in all topics for raising children.   One of the first exercises the instructor did was to ask each person what they did for themselves each day. One by one the moms gave answers such as; go for a run, play tennis, read a book, have lunch with a friend, etc.  As my turn got closer and closer, I began to panicbecause all I could think of was that I took a shower.  That’s what I did for myself everyday.  I took a shower!!!

I look back on that very stressful and intense time in my life with two children under the age of 2 and realize that I was running myself into the ground.  I gave everything to the kids and left nothing for me. As you know, that kind of lifestyle is not sustainable. Even though at the time, my philosophy was that if I was staying home with the kids, I needed to be with them at all times.  I viewed the answers of the other moms in my group as somewhat “selfish”when in fact they were very wise.

With that said, lets consider what it takes to meet the needs of your students with special needs.  We want the very best for them and tend to work ourselves to death. These dear and delightful children require our very bestwhich means there’s no room for us to have an “off “ day.  This means that you MUST take care of yourself before you can work at your highest level for your students.

Lets be honest, sometimes you may face more challenges with your students’ familiesthan you do with your students.  If you can always remember, that whatever negative treatment you are getting from the family, it is ALWAYS fear based.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that and not take negative reactions from your families personally.  In these situations you will also need a strategy to cope.

Take a look at one strategy that you can do before and after those stressful situations that will inevitability come your way.

Take a look!

Other meditation apps to consider are:

  1. Headspace: Meditation
  2. Breathe- Meditation
  3. Calm
  4. Breathe/Calming Reminders for Mindful Breathing
  5. Breathe in Breathe Out

I hope this helps you take care of a very important person in your students’ lives…  YOU!  You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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