Check Out this Comprehension Strategy for Non-Verbal Students!

Check Out this Comprehension Strategy for Non-Verbal Students!

Right before Spring Break, I posted a video about the app, CALM.  Shortly after that, I found out that if you are an educator, you can get the app for FREE.  The app developer is offering this app to EVERY EDUCATOR IN THE WORLD for FREE.

Can you believe that!!!

Here is how you can grab your free app!

IF you are a parent, family member, student or small business owner, please share this with those special educators in your life!!!

Now about that comprehension strategy….  I wanted to post this because I don’t want to forget about those students who can comprehend so much more than they can show us.  We need to remember that when they’re reading a story or having a story read to them, we have options to see if students are understanding the content.

When I was working with a non-verbal high school student, I would read her chapter books and ask her questions as I read to her.  My questions were verbal because she was also a student with low vision.  I would say to her I’m going to give you two choices.  Here’s the first choice, and here’s the second choice. Now it’s your turn to tell me your answer.  This student had a 20 second delayed response so I’d give her 20 seconds to respond to the first choice.  Her responses were vocalizations and if she did not vocalize for “yes” on the first choice, after 20 seconds, I would say “NO? OK” Here’s your second choice.    If she did not respond after 20 seconds on the second option, I would say, “Oh you don’t know?”  Here’s the answer.  It was clear to her that she had options and could communicate her answers to me.  Very powerful! If this student had been able to see some visual options I would have used them.

Take a look at how you might do this!

I hope this helps with students of all ages.  Try this with your early childhood students all they way up to your high school students!  It’s a wonderful strategy to help you know what your students know even if they are non-verbal or low verbal!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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