Check Out 4 Ideas to Use To Stop Vocal Abuse!

Check Out 4 Ideas to Use To Stop Vocal Abuse!

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The natural thing for kids to do is to let it all out vocally. Right?!!! They love to yell, scream, laugh, and make all kinds of wild and crazy noises. Let’s face it, kids’ vocal cords can take a lot of abuse. Otherwise we’d see children of all ages walking around with raspy voices or even voices that would cut in and out like someone with laryngitis.

For those children who’s vocal cords just can’t take the constant abuse, take a look at the video for 4 ideas on how to handle this.

Let me share one more trick I use to do when my own four children were being loud and crazy in the car. I invented the game, “Light to Light”. They had to be quiet in between stop lights. Haha! Clever right?   I’d choose one child at a time and try to make them laugh with silly comments in between lights. If I could get them to smile or laugh out loud, they would be “out”.   I’d then move on to the next child. I can’t tell you how fast they would be quiet with I announced we would playing “Light to Light”.   Everyone was quiet while they listened to see if their sibling could withstand mom’s humor!

The best practice for vocal abuse is prevention so give some of my fun ideas a try or come up with some creative ones of your own.

Would love to hear how you handle your child/student’s vocal abuse!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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