Celebrating 5 Years of Behavior Communicates with a Give-A-Way!

Celebrating 5 Years of Behavior Communicates with a Give-A-Way!

Little did I know five years ago that Jerry and I would be posting over 225 videos and have thousands of followers between our YouTube Channel, our web site, Twitter and LinkedIN!!! We stopped counting when we knew we were reaching people in 50 states and over 50 countries!

I actually didn’t know I would have this much information to share!   I’ll go to a conference, have an experience in a classroom, see a new app, a new book or material and boom, I’ve got more material and information for a video!  People will come up to me or write to me and suggest I do a video on something interesting.   It’s been amazing to me how the topics just keep coming one way or the other! I have to admit that after several dozen videos on a variety of topics, I felt rather proud when Jerry said, “You really know a lot of stuff!”

The funny thing is Jerry has gotten quite an education in special education along the way. He now knows the terms, the strategies, the materials, and the curriculum that I’ve shared over the last 5 years. He made a comment to me recently that warmed my heart. He told me that the real angels and heroes here on earth are the people who work with children with special needs.

It’s a great day when your husband thinks you and your colleagues are angels and heroes!

Every now and then we’ve taken stock of how much time and energy this adventure takes and just when we even question if the information and resources are getting to those who need it, I will get a comment or an email from someone who shares how much they value the posts. Feedback from our followers is fuel for the soul, so thank you for your continued support! 

In addition, we have a surprise for 12 of our followers! Take a look!

Thank you again! You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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