Articulation Theatre for Your Speech Therapy Groups!

Articulation Theatre for Your Speech Therapy Groups!

When I was working as an SLP, it always seemed to me that if I finally got my schedule right, I still ended up with students who had different articulation goals who were all grouped together. UGH! I always wondered why I couldn’t just once get a group who all need just the /r/ sound!! A therapist’s dream.

Today’s video was inspired by my past frustrations with this grouping problem.

Where was this product when I needed it?

See how you can make production on target sounds so much more fun in this target rich material!

Take a look!

As an author I must say that these books are of such high quality that I am jealous! They must have cost a fortune to publish! That’s the good news for you. The beautiful colors and thick high gloss pages make it an outstanding material to add to your toolbox!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Scripting with Idioms as you start the new school year. You can continue your “theatre” therapy with roll plays for your students who need real life conversations and practice using idioms.

Get your copy @ Go to Amazon books and type in Scripting with Idioms and you’ll find your copy there! Order today!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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