Are You Looking for a Delightful, Effective and FREE Timer for Young Children?

Are You Looking for a Delightful, Effective and FREE Timer for Young Children?

For some reason it is reallyhelpful for students to see the passage of time, especially when you want them to do something they don’t particularly want to do.  Many of our students with special needs have difficulty understanding the passage of time.  What is actually only 5 or 10 minutes for us can seem like an eternityto these students!!!

Using a visual timer is a simple and effective way to help students understand when an expectation will end.  Timers can cut down on behavior issues and increase compliance and task completion.  I’ve been using an adorable timer that is just perfect for the young child!

Take a look!

For my subscribers:  I’ve just finished reading Blinkby Malcolm Caudwell and I’m already telling people about it, sharing the concepts he writes about and thinking about how this applies to both my personal and professional life.  The basic concept is how we all make gut level judgments that he calls “thin slicing”that comes from years of gathering knowledge and experiences.  He encourages you to trust that thin slicing and describes where and when to use it.  Fascinating reading!

Hope your end of the year is winding down in a good way!  Make sure you start thinking about taking those language samplesfor those students who are working on building basic language.  Three examples from one of our classrooms with students who are at the beginning levels of communication:  One student improved over 400%another over 160% and the third student over 150% in their vocabulary knowledge!  Not only did they improve in the number of vocabulary words they can now produce, they also improved the variety of their parts of speech.

Just remember we all know our students make progress, but actually seeing just how much they improve written in black and whitesomehow is quite thrilling!

Would love to hear about your experiences with Language Samples or Timers!  Leave a comment!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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