Are You Lifting Children with Special Needs The Right Way?

Are You Lifting Children with Special Needs The Right Way?

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OK, if you are living with or working with a child who has special needs, chances are you’ve done your share of lifting, pulling, pushing, and moving both a child and/or equipment. Am I right?

My question today is…..are you doing it correctly?

One of the job hazards of working with children who have special needs is how physical it can be. The level of physical intervention can take its toll over time. One of the top concerns of both teachers and their assistants is how often they have lower back pain, joint pain, and general muscle strain.

You will see in today’s video, two experts in the area of physical therapy, actually demonstrating the correct ways to lift and some tips on how you can preserve your back. You’ll even learn why simply leaning across a table to help a student with an assignment can be a bad idea.

Take a look!

I know I learned a couple of new and valuable tips just watching these ladies, so I hope you did too! Thank you Kathy and Phyllis!!!

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got some clever idea that helps with lifting students or equipment around your home or your classroom!!!

Protect yourself. You need to give your students the benefit of your knowledge, care and understanding which means you need to stay on the job! The less wear and tear on your back, the longer you can make a difference with these children.

You take care, be smart with your lifts and I’ll see you next time!


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