Are You Having Issues with Your Instructional Assistants?

Are You Having Issues with Your Instructional Assistants?

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If you are in a classroom working with students who have special needs, every year you are probably faced with the challenge of one or more new paraprofessional staff members who may or may not have an understanding for things like confidentiality, and the importance of leaving the cell phone off during instruction time. That can be so hard because, let’s face it, you have your hands full with your students. Right? Who has time to train your assistants on what they can and cannot do??? The dilemma here is that it’s hard to keep training new staff, but these folks are essential to your classroom’s success!

What is also a challenge is that school districts typically can’t afford to pay these valuable people what they are really worth. Too often people come and go because the pay is quite poor. If you are lucky enough to get someone with an education background, you may feel like you hit the jackpot, but it’s probably temporary because they often want to take a professional position ASAP!!!

How can training your Instructional Assistants be just a bit easier?

Take a look!

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