Are You Getting Hurt By An Aggressive Child That You Live Or Work With?

Are You Getting Hurt By An Aggressive Child That You Live Or Work With?

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Chances are that if you’ve been hurt by a child you got some kind of injury on your hands or forearms. 

I know that’s what has happened to me when I’ve had to help intervene with a child who was out of control! I’ve also been present when other staff members have gotten a bite, been pinched or scratched.

It often happens so fast, it’s hard to get out of the way!  Even if you are careful to stay out of the child’s hitting and kicking range!

As the Crisis Prevention Intervention trainer in our co-op, I’ve been called in on many situations to physically help with an aggressive situation, advise what to do with a volatile child or to view videotape of an aggressive incident and assess what went wrong.

Staying calm, in control and having a plan of action is key to doing the right thing in a tense encounter.

When children actually hurt parents or staff, it makes it more difficult to stay calm and focused so I thought to myself, why not find a better way to protect adults from getting hurt?

One of our staff members who works with a very aggressive student told me that she uses her sleeves only when she knows it’s a “bad day” and she feels much calmer just knowing that the student can’t hurt her hands/arms when she’s trying to work with him.

With her protective sleeves, she can relax and focus on de-escalating the child instead of worrying about getting hurt!

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  1. I used Tyvec sleeve protectors and gloves in my classroom. One of my most challenging non-verbal students eventually recognized them as a visual cue to help him control aggressive behavior.

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