Are You Collecting Data in the Right Way for Your Students with Special Needs?

Are You Collecting Data in the Right Way for Your Students with Special Needs?

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Data, Data, Data!!! That’s what everyone wants. We test students so much these days that there’s hardly time to TEACH!!! In special education we collect so much data…..who has time to analyze it!

If we don’t document, we don’t know where to go next….We need to monitor growth. If we do not document…the courts say it didn’t happen. We need to document to be accountable to the IEP…as we should!

WE HAVE TO DOCUMENT, but how can we make this easier?

You may be so intent on collecting data and SO OFTEN that you don’t realize there is a BETTER WAY!!!

Take a look at today’s video and see my perspective on data collection.

As you can see I believe in working smarter….not harder.

If you are looking for some awesome data collection forms, take a look at Show Me The Data by Rina Marie Leon-Guerrero, Chris Matsumoto and Jamie Martin. It’s a treasure trove of data collection forms and more put together by the University of Washington and these authors! You can find it on for about $20.00.

I want to give a quick shout out to the wonderful staff, Donna Jones and Bonnie Bancroft at C.O.P.E.S.D. in Indian River, MI. You provided me with an amazing place to present in the gorgeous location of Traverse City, MI and the participants were WONDERFUL!!!

It’s always a great day when you can teach educators all about evidence-based practices and you get that “aha!” moment from them all day long!!! I could tell that the people who attended will take the conference information back to their schools and classrooms and continue to do great things for kids!!!

It’s also inspiring when the sharing is a two-way street. My new friend, Josh, shared what PODD is all about and I taught him how to teach his students to put a little “game” in their social skills! 🙂

Hopefully today’s video will help you simplify your life! Let me know how this works for you!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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